Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis The Season

I have always been known as the gypsy of the family. My grandparents have stopped asking why I am not at family gatherings, but have accepted just to know where in the world their crazy grandchild has ventured to. At the moment I am in Germany, home of good beer and great schnitzel. Its quite cold here with several inches of snow on the ground. This would make for the most beautiful white Christmas, but I am so excited because I am planning a trip back to my southern home in the states to see my family. And as every little girl would be, I'm so ecstatic to see my mommy.
Ain't she a doll? <3

But the last few months in Germany have been quite fun. Beer tours, October fest, great food (ten pounds on my belly and rear). But we can't forget the funny old men you come into contact in Germany though. Old men are always funny, but I think my cute Deutsch ones top the bill.